Book Clubs

I Would Love to Come to Your Book Club--For Free!

I love book clubs and would love to come to yours! If you'd like to feature one of my books as a selection, I'd be happy to attend your meeting in person or via Skype. Click on my "Contact Me" page to send me your information!  For your convenience, some questions are posted below.

Book club questions for The Governor's Sons:
  • Envision Ash and Kitty in Europe. What do you think their lives there would have been like?
  • Imagine Miss Joan's reaction to Ash and Kitty's true feelings for each other.  Would she have disowned Ash, or tolerated their love knowing they'd live in Europe, or would she have had Ash committed to a insane asylum for psychiatric shock therapy? What are your thoughts?
  • If Russell had found out how Kitty really felt about Ash, what do you think he would he have done?
  • How differently would the story have progressed if Ash had told Charlene the truth earlier?
  • Do you think Charlene lived in Kitty's shadow?
  • What type of relationship do you think Harland and Gavin went on to have?
  • If Otis could have temporarily persuaded Libby not to go after Harland Hall, do you think he would have eventually discovered the truth about her?
  • Do you think Leigh Ann pursued her desire to become a civil rights attorney, or do you think a Mr. Right came along and swept her off her feet, implanting a burning desire in Leigh Ann to be a wife and mother instead of a career woman?
  • What more would you have liked to have seen in the epilogue?
  •  Do you want a sequel? If so, what would you want to happen?
How about some extra credit? I was inspired to write my story after reading Essie Mae Washington Williams's memoir, Dear Senator. Ms. Williams is South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond's love child by a black woman. If you get a chance, read her memoir and discuss the parallels.
  • How closely does Ash's personality resemble Strom Thurmond's?
  • How similar is Thurmond's career to Ash's?
  • How does Thurmond's relationship with Carrie Butler compare to Ash and Kitty's?

Questions for Escape: Book One of the Unchained Trilogy:
  • Do you know of any interracial love stories in your family history?  Are there any in your family today?
  • Do you have any stories from slavery days that were passed down in your family?
  • How do you think Daniel's mother, Rebecca, would have felt if she'd known of her son's feelings for Lori?  
  • Although Rebecca loved Lori like a daughter, do you think she could she see Lori romantically involved with a white man at all?
  • In your opinion, was Lavinia's character "over the top" or did she realistically portray someone with a narcissistic personality, as well as a mean streak?
  • Although the color issue contributed most to Lavinia's emotional problems, how significantly do you think her sibling rivalry with Olivia played into them?
  • Have you ever known anyone like Lavinia?
  • What do you think will eventually happen to Lavinia?
  • Though this is part one of a trilogy, were you satisfied with how it ended?
  • What else would you have liked to have seen in the story?

Questions for Masquerade: Book Two of the Unchained Trilogy
  • How did Lavinia manage to get out of California?  Do you think she would have managed to "escape" another way if this hadn't happened?
  • What was her first husband's name?
  • Why did she marry him?
  • Did Lavinia achieve her dream of becoming a great actress?
  • What put her career in jeopardy?
  • How did she meet her second husband?
  • What was husband number two's name?
  • Although Lavinia didn't initially marry him for love, do you think she grew to love him?
  • Why was Lavinia afraid for Andrew to see their baby boy? Lavinia claimed to love her son, but do you think she really ever did?  
  • What happened when Andrew took his children to visit California?
  • Why did he choose to live there? For that time period, do you think he thought the race issue through clearly enough before making that decision?
  • Do you think Lavinia's attitude for wanting to keep Selina was more out of spite toward Andrew and Olivia, or do you believe she was genuinely concerned about Selina's welfare and didn't want her to be hindered by race?  What made Selina decide to stay with her mother in New York?
  • What do you think will happen next?

Questions for Revelation: Book Three of the Unchained Trilogy
  • What movie did Jack take Selina to see? Have you ever seen it? If so what are your thoughts on this motion picture?
  • Why did Selina decide she couldn't marry Jack?
  • Where did Selina meet Tony?
  • Why did Selina decide not to tell Tony the truth? If she had told him from the beginning, what do you think his reaction would have been? 
  • How did Tony find out the truth?
  • Why did Selina decide to tell Joy the truth before her own family?
  • What was her family's reaction when they learned the truth? This story took place in 1998. What do you think Steven's reaction would be like today?
  • How did the story end? Have you, or has anyone you know, done genome research to learn about their ancestry?
  • Did you ever feel sorry for Lavinia?
  • Did you ever feel sorry for Selina?
  • Were you satisfied with the ending of the trilogy? What more would you like to have seen?

Questions for Deseré
  • Why was Masta Jeremy not a threat to his female slaves?
  • What did William not tell Deseré about his escape?
  • Even though Deseré knew William didn't love her as much as she loved him, why was she set on marrying him?
  • What did Anthony leave behind in Ohio?
  • What was Careen's secret?
  • What was Anthony's motivation to take Deseré to France?
  • What did Addie and Deseré learn in Paris?
  • What did Deseré realize in Paris?
  • Why did Deseré decide to stay in Paris, but then change her mind?
  • Where did Anthony eventually find Deseré after she disappeared?
  • What did you like most about the story?
  • What did you like least?
  • Would you like to read a sequel?

I hope these questions provide some lively discussions for your book club!