Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!

How often do you have a Calgon moment? You know what I'm talking about--those moments when you wish you could become a romance heroine.

The house is a mess, three loads of clean laundry sit waiting to be folded because you haven't had time to do it, the kids are screaming, the dog is barking, and the beef stew is burned and sticking to the bottom of the pot. On top of all that, you're still steamed about the back handed compliment from your husband that morning. "Honey, I love your fuller figure--you're not fat--really."

One reason romance novels are so popular, is that they provide a means of escape from our real lives of drudgery, responsibility--and weight gain--into a world of perfection and fantasy.

In some romance novels, the heroine never has to look at dust on the furniture, think about mopping the dingy floor, cleaning the toilets or remember to fold the laundry--after she cooks dinner. And she's always svelte, beautiful, and never gains a pound. She's able to indulge in pizza, cheeseburgers and ice cream, yet never mentions working out. In addition, she's usually very smart and holds a powerful, high paying job.

The hero is perfect and handsome--and sometimes a multi-millionaire! He always knows what to say, and his love for the heroine is unconditional. Even though there are problems between them, all is resolved and tied up with a happily ever after ending. Sigh...

We love the romance between the hero and heroine, but the fantasy life of the heroine is just as appealing!

Would you trade your real life for the life of a romance heroine--just for a day?

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