Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why I'm Going Independent

I'm in the process of independently publishing my novels, and I'm very excited!  I'm researching the process now, but hope to have the ball rolling in the next few weeks.  This time last year, I never would have thought about self publishing, but now there are several reasons why I have: 

I first considered it seriously after interviewing author Norma Beishir.  Norma has been published traditionally as well as independently, and she's a huge advocate of self publishing because of the freedom it allows.

My cousin Dehbi, a voracious reader, has been encouraging me to self publish ever since she got a Kindle about a year ago.  "This is the new trend, you should do it!"  That's what she's been telling me, and the articles she's sent have helped me in my decision. More articles here.

Some authors have had extreme financial success in self publishing, such as Amanda Hocking and John Locke. Although exceptions to the rule, they certainly are an inspiration!

Many writers in my local RWA chapter are pursuing independent publishing, including Carey Corp.  I think Carey's recent articles about going indie finally helped me to stop straddling the fence and do it for real.  Thanks Carey!

When seeking agents, some ask for your publicity plan. When seeking epublishers, some require that you provide your own cover art.  Hmm...if I have to do my own publicity and artwork, maybe I should just do everything myself.

I love pretty covers, but I worried that I wouldn't be able to create anything that didn't look crappy or child like in design.  However, cover model Jimmy Thomas offers a great selection of romance images for a reasonable fee.  And Gimp software, similar to Photoshop, can be downloaded for free to jazz up those images!  BTW, I'm very nontechnical, so if I can make a cover with PowerPoint and doctor it up with Gimp, anybody can!

There are lots of other writers out there that write better than I do, and they're getting rejected, too!  Do I want my work to sit on a flash drive and continually get rejected, or do I want to take a chance and put it out there myself?  As the character Cal Hockley said in the movie Titanic, "A wise man makes his own luck." Hockley was the jerk Rose didn't marry, but regardless, I love that line!

If my stories can provide entertainment and earn income, as well, I'll be thrilled!

Have you considered going indie?


Lorelei Bell said...

Maria, please keep us all posted as to the process. Even though I've got a publisher, they are very small and very slow in responding to me, and my hope for a great cover on this next one is dwindling ):/

My biggest drawback on indi is getting people to notice your book among thousands! If you figure that out, let me know. I'll be watching in the sidelines.

Good luck to you, girl! I'm checking things out that you mentioned in your post now.m (:

Maria McKenzie said...

Hi, Lorelei! Thanks for your comment:). Good luck to you--I'll keep you posted on how things are going in my independent journey!

Old Kitty said...

Welcome back!!! Hello!! And you have been busy!! Good luck with your venture into independent publishing!! Looks like you're all ready to go!! Well done you! How exciting! Take care

Maria McKenzie said...

Hi Old Kitty! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I'm finally back! Thanks so much for your good wishes:). I'll be stopping by to visit;).

William Kendall said...

I am going indie!

Welcome back, Maria! It's been awhile.

Norma said...

Good to see you, Maria!

Come join us on Facebook at the Writers of Mass Distraction. We'd be happy to have you. And while you're at it, join us at Goodreads, Shelfari and Linked In, too.

Intangible Hearts said...

Maria we wish you all the luck in the world and yes, Norma is an inspiration to me too. I love the idea of freedom and DIY sounds intriguing. Have fun!

Golden Eagle said...

Welcome back! :)

Good luck self-publishing--it's a big step. I've considered it, but since I don't really have anything that's been revised/edited enough for people to read, I'm not making any plans yet.

Beth said...

Self publishing was never in my vocabulary until I met Norma! She pretty much sold me on the idea of going with self publishing. Now, I have five books published!

Good luck with everything. You'll love the freedom of knowing that everything about your work, is your work.

Maria McKenzie said...

@William: Hi, William! Congrats on going indie:). Keep me posted! Thanks so much for stopping by--it has been a while.

@Norma: Hi, Norma! Good to see you, too! Thanks for all your inspiration:). And thanks for all the invites; I'll join tomorrow!

@Desert Rocks: Thanks for wishing me luck! Norma's awesome:). DIY is the wave of the future!

@Golden Eagle: Thanks for visiting me! I'm glad to be back. As soon as you have something ready, self publish!

@Beth: You have 5 books?! That's great! I'm looking forward to knowing my work is my work. Thanks for visiting:).

Saumya said...

Good luck!! That's an incredible and big that I am thinking of taking someday but don't have the courage to yet. Good luck!!

shelly said...

Yes, keep us posted. I'll be publishing as an Indie sometime after the first of the year.

Maria Zannini said...

From one Maria to another, go for it!

Carina Press and Samhain have published several of my books, but a few months ago I self-published my first book, The Devil To Pay.

I started with a novella to test the waters and I haven't been disappointed. The sequel will be out in a few weeks.

Best of luck!

Maria McKenzie said...

@Saumya: Thanks! I know you'll be ready to take that step soon:).

@Shelly: Will keep you posted! Please let me know how all goes with you in your indie venture!

@Maria: Hey, Maria! Thanks for the encouragement:). Glad to hear that as a traditionally published author, you haven't been disappointed with self publishing.

Myne said...

Both my books are self-published and while it's a lot of work, it pays off with time.

All the best!

Maria McKenzie said...

Thanks, Myne! Glad to hear it pays off! BTW, I owe you an interview;).

The Happy Whisk said...

Wishing you the best.

Maria McKenzie said...

Thanks, Happy Whisk!

The Happy Whisk said...

Sure thing. Are you planning a full return to blogging, or just a here and there kind of gig? Either way, I hope you have an oogie boogie day and a spooky week.

Maria McKenzie said...

I think I'll just be doing here and there. You have a great week, too!

The Happy Whisk said...

Thanks. It's almost our Halloween staycation time. Can't wait. Hope you have a great Oogie Boogie Day.

How's the business you and your husband were starting up? I hope well.

Maria McKenzie said...

Hey, Spooky Whisk, business is going well! Thanks for asking:).