Monday, August 13, 2012

Release Date of Escape, August 21

I finally have a release date for my new novel, Escape: Book One of the Unchained Trilogy!  Look for it next Tuesday, August 21!

The Unchained Trilogy is an explosive three book series of love, deceit, emotional destruction and in the end, forgiveness. 

In Escape (Book One) Daniel and Lori love each other, yet to live as one in 1856, they must escape from the unyielding society that imprisons them.

Lori was born a slave in North Carolina, yet by chance was raised alongside Daniel in a wealthy abolitionist household. The sudden death of Daniel’s mother catapults Lori back into bondage.

Relegated to chattel on a rice plantation, Lori lives in constant fear under the tormenting scrutiny of Daniel’s wretched Aunt Lucinda.

After Daniel fails to convince his relatives to free Lori, he is compelled to devise a daring escape. Although a life threatening endeavor for both of them, Lori’s freedom is priceless to Daniel, and he’s willing to pay such a price for her love.

Escape will be available through Amazon (Kindle version 2.99 and paperback 12.99) and Barnes and Noble (Nook version 2.99).

A brief excerpt follows:

Chapter 1
Wilmington, North Carolina

I can do this...I can do this...Lori repeated the words to herself as if willing them to be true.  Under a brightly shining moon, she stood on the back porch of Rebecca Taylor’s home and slipped the strap of a filled canteen around her neck.  Lori tucked it to one side, then reached for the worn leather satchel at her feet and did the same. The cornbread and salt pork wrapped inside would last for about three days.
Miss Rebecca was dead now, leaving Lori with no alternative but to run.
You’d be a fool to try!  Don’t even think about setting off on your own, you’ll never make it!  Lori forced Daniel’s protests from her mind, instead hearing the cicadas and crickets chirp around her.  Daniel couldn’t stop her because she refused to be dragged off to Dancing Oaks!
This was her one chance at freedom.  Don’t can’t...Again, Daniel’s words played through her head—and this time, also her heart.  For a moment, Lori hesitated.  Her feelings for Daniel were silly.  He was Miss Rebecca’s son, yet why had he been so adamant about her not trying to escape?  He’d tried to convince his uncle to free her—but that hadn’t worked, so now Lori was taking matters into her own hands.

If you like historical fiction, please consider adding Escape to your reading list! By the way, what are you reading now? I just started Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's Buried Evidence and Jane Smiley's Private Life.  Thanks for visiting! 


Intangible Hearts said...

Congratulations Maria. I'm sure it's a great read and I hope to read it someday!

Old Kitty said...

My goodness - Lori is one feisty character!! What a strong stunning excerpt! Thank you for sharing and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay! Take care

William Kendall said...

Congratulations, Maria. A terrific excerpt!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Looking forward to this - it's definitely on my reading list!

Right now, I'm reading Enza, by Kristy K. James, also historical fiction. It's about a small town in 1918 and people who are affected by the Spanish Flu epidemic. Really good!

Maria McKenzie said...

@Eve: Thanks, Eve!

@Old Kitty: Thanks, Old Kitty! I can only imagine being as feisty as Lori:).

@William: Thanks, William! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt:).

@Jennette: Thanks, Jennette! Enza sounds like something I'd like to read;)!

foosrock! said...

Will it be available in PDF sometime?. Still avoiding amazon and BnN's NOOK is not available across the pond.