Monday, January 14, 2013

Bonded: Who's Your Favorite James Bond

The new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is in theaters now, starring the incredibly handsome and hunky Daniel Craig, as 007.

Sean Connery: The Greatest  Bond
In my opinion, the best Bond was the original, Sean Connery, but my next favorite is Craig, followed by Timothy Dalton.

Timothy Dalton: Should Have Made More Bond Movies
Dalton made only two Bond films, The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989).  I saw both and enjoyed them immensely, yet critics claim he lacked the charisma necessary for the role.  I've never understood this.  To me, he embodied the rugged intensity and manliness of James Bond, as well as that 007 cool charisma.  In addition, he was absolutely gorgeous!  Sigh...I wish he'd made more Bond movies...

Daniel Craig: Next Best Thing to Connery
Below is a list of all the actors who have ever played Bond. I've included my unsolicited opinions on each for fun:

1. Sean Connery- The Best!

2. George Lazenby - Who? Aynilists says, "Having done only one James Bond movie, George became actually a metaphor for something forgettable: 'It was a mistake, like casting George Lazenby as 007.'″

3. Roger Moore - Many years ago on The Mike Douglas Show, I heard Moore say he believed himself too pretty for the role; I agree.

4. Timothy Dalton - Superb!

5. Pierce Brosnan - Why?

6. Daniel Craig - Next best thing to Sean Connery!

Who is your favorite bond?

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Old Kitty said...

No contest!! Daniel Craig! Swoon!! Take care

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Daniel Craig. I just really, really liked this last Bond, the way they addressed the fact that the man is not as young as he used to be...which makes him that much more accessible, non?

Okay, prolly not, but still.

William Kendall said...

Timothy Dalton, actually. I've read enough of Fleming's work to feel that he comes closest to playing the character just right. The Living Daylights is my personal favourite Bond film.

Craig comes next; he really gives the character an intensity and humanity, and you see him as the sort of man who does what needs to be done so that everyone else can sleep soundly at night.

I did like the first couple of Brosnan films. World Is Not Enough was hurt somewhat by Denise Richards of all people as a Bond girl, and Die Another Day just got ridiculous (and Madonna's song and cameo were painful).

Connery seems to be the signature for so many Bond fans, and while I can see why he was so good in the role, the films themselves from that era really get dated.

I can't speak for Lazenby. I've only seen snippets of the one film he did as Bond, and him doing a cameo role in Gettysburg in the Nineties.

As to Roger Moore... he turned the character into a joke.

Krisztina Clifton said...

Hands down Daniel Craig!!!

Intangible Hearts said...

Dalton was perfect! But Roger Moore was a favorite too!

shelly said...

Sean Connory! He's the man.

Hugs and chocolate,

Maria McKenzie said...

@Kitty: I'm swooning with you;)!

@Teri Anne: I like that too--it made him look more human, and vulnerable!

@William: I'm so glad you feel that way about Dalton! I'll have to read some Bond novels and picture Dalton in all of them:).

I'm surprised about Lazenby! He was in Gettysburg?!

When I was growing up, Moore was Bond. I didn't know about Sean Connery in the role until I was grown. No comparison.

@Krisztina: No doubt, Craig has a lot of female admirers;).

@Eve: Yes! Another Dalton admirer:).

@Shelly: Connery was The Man!

Maria said...

Hi Maria,

I remember when I was at school we were taken to see a movie production of WUTHERING HEIGHTS which starred Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff. All the girls in my batch fell instantly in love with Dalton. It was no surprise when he landed the Bond role a few years later.

I'm partial to Sean Connery myself. And Pierce Brosnan.

Maria/Maria's Book Blog

Maria said...

BTW delighed MASQUERADE is on the way. I dare to hope that those awful people who persecuted Lori get their comeuppance - although I know it's a different track in the story now.

Maria McKenzie said...

Hi, Maria! Those awful folks do get their comeuppance;).

Although Connery and Craig are my top two favorite Bonds, Dalton is the biggest heart throb for me, just like those school girls!

Unknown said...
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William Kendall said...

Lazenby plays a Confederate general in that one, Johnson Pettigrew. He's one of the three commanders Longstreet assigns to what becomes Pickett's Charge on the third day of the battle.

Maria McKenzie said...

I love Civil War history, but I've never seen Gettysburg! I'll rent it this weekend and look for Lazenby;).

Norma said...

Brosnan's my favorite. I think he's gorgeous and I loved the humor in those films.

But I absolutely LOVED Skyfall!

Maria McKenzie said...

I did see all the Brosnan films, and enjoyed them. I think I'm just a little resentful that he was brought in to replace Dalton;)!

Unknown said...

Future role will be Clive Owen the next James Bond 007 very soon. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sean Connery is the best James Bond of the 1960's espionage films of all time. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sean Connery he will be played as "M" the new chief operative of the James Bond 007 films by early as 2016 next year soon .Thanks!

Unknown said...

Daniel Craig the latest James Bond from 2006-16 after 10 years solo to be replaced by Clive Owen as the new James Bond 007 next year in 2016 soon. Thanks! From:Wayne

Unknown said...

He is number one James Bond is Sean Connery.Thanks!