Monday, May 12, 2014

Twist Endings: Can You Figure Them Out?

I'm hopeless when it comes to figuring out the twist ending of a movie, but my husband can tell me what it is less than half way through. "He's in on the scheme." "He faked his death." "She has a split personality." Sometimes he's wrong, but most of the time he's on the right track or nailed it completely.

I suppose our brains work differently.  I enjoy seeing the story unfold. I love being surprised, shocked and scared. I'm too busy being entertained to think about unraveling the plot. Also, I'm vulnerable and tend to take things at face value.

In Derailed, Jennifer Anniston pays for Clive Owens's train fare near the beginning of the movie. My husband started suspecting something right then. Not me! If I'd had an extra $9.00 and someone (like a stranger who didn't look suspicious) had forgotten his wallet, I would've been a good Samaritan and helped him out, too!

When the twist is finally disclosed, I'll rethink my way through the movie to make sure the screenplay was consistent and the conclusion realistic. And sometimes, once armed with the knowledge of the ending, I'll watch the DVD all over again.  Then I'll see information I missed the first time around, and understand little things I paid no attention to before.  Shutter IslandThe Sixth Sense and The Others all have to be watched more than once.

Despite my inability to figure out the twist, these types of movies are my favorites! Nothing like the element of surprise.

If you love a good twist ending, be sure to rent these if you haven't already seen them:  The PrestigeShutter IslandDerailedThe Secret WindowThe IllusionistThe Sixth Sense and The Others.

Can you figure out the twist before a movie ends? What are some of your favorites (books or movies) that have twist endings?

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This is another re-posting from November of 2010. Hope it was fun the second time around!


William Kendall said...

It depends on the movie, of course. I watched Now You See Me the other day for the first time, and while I figured out the twist in the midst of it all, I still had a lot of fun with where the movie went.

The Prestige and The Illusionist are really, really good films that way.

Maria McKenzie said...

I'll have to watch Now You See Me. I've brought it home a few times from the library, but never got around to watching it. Now that I know it has a twist, I'll be sure to watch;)!

Norma said...

The only one of those you mentioned that I've seen is The Sixth Sense...and I had it figured out in the first ten minutes!

Maria McKenzie said...

That's amazing--I just can't do it!

Intangible Hearts said...

I like to see it all unfold but the funniest thing is when hubs says stuff like, "I know what the plot is. I could have written it," he says half way through. LOL

Maria McKenzie said...

Sometimes my hubby will say that after the first 15 minutes:). He did that last night when we watched William's suggestion of Now You See Me. He was wrong, though--what a twist!!