Monday, March 16, 2020

Carona Craziness

The Coronavirus has taken over the news and our lives. People are hoarding groceries, toilet paper, and anything that says antibacterial. Schools, restaurants, and bars are closed in some states, theme parks are closing, and large events are being canceled or postponed.
In addition, movie attendance dropped over the weekend. Speaking of which, there are several films that depict outbreaks, and they're likely to send shivers down one's spine. Here are six featured at Cinemablend:

1, Contagion
2. Outbreak
3. Children of Men
4. It Comes at Night
5. Flu
6. Virus
I realized I hadn't seen any of these movies, possibly because the subject matter is a little too depressing for me. And with all that's going on today, I certainly won't be watching any of them now!

Are you taking precautions, stocked up, and ready to deal with Carona Craziness?

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William Kendall said...

A lot here is closed up.

Maria McKenzie said...

Yup. More is closing around here every day.