Monday, April 21, 2014

Heating Up Your Novel

Need a little heat in your novel? I'm not referring to the heat of passion, but the kind of heat you pack! Do you know the difference between casings and cartridges, or clips and magazines, or an Uzi vs. an AK-47?

If you're going to include firearms in your story, make sure you portray them, and all of their parts, accurately.  If you don't, to those out there who know gun speak, you'll have the equivalent of "He kissed her with his knee," while wrongly identifying your weapons and their inner workings.

I stole that knee quote from Adam Firestone from his workshop Firearms and the Choreography of Direct Action.  It was amazing, and I learned quite a bit about "heat."

Adam provides technical consulting services to the literary and entertainment industries, specializing in action choreography and technical consulting on cyber and weapon technologies, their impacts, employment and tactics from both historical and modern perspectives.

Be sure to visit his blog if you have questions regarding firearms, because he addresses several issues pertaining to them in his posts. However, if you can't find an answer, drop him an email at

Not all of us are fortunate enough to know a cop or a shooting instructor to verify information about those shoot 'em up scenes we love to write, but Adam Firestone is just a click away!

Have you ever had a question about firearms and weren't sure where to turn?

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My apologies for all the re-postings that have appeared lately, as well as my lack of visiting my bloggie pals in the blogosphere. I'm coming into the closing stretch of my current novel, Revelation, and there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to squeeze in everything I need to do! I know excuses, excuses, but all that aside, hope you've enjoyed this useful info from Adam Firestone that first appeared here in April of 2013.


William Kendall said...

Thanks for pointing out Adam.

I talked with police officers when I had firearms related questions.

Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK with finishing Revelation!! And thank you for posting this very useful writerly post - totally helpful - thanks for the link to Adam's blog too! I haven't a clue about firearms and such but I may need to know such things for future stories! Take care

Norma said...

We understand, Maria--we've all been there!

And such useful posts need to be repeated from time to time!