Monday, May 9, 2016

A "Scandalous" Old Navy Ad

I must thank my friend Lisa for today's subject matter--thank you, Lisa! She brought this "controversial" story to my attention.

I was amazed to learn about this Old Navy ad that appeared last week featuring an interracial couple and the backlash that occurred! If you missed that story, here's an excerpt of an article from CBS News:
America's demographic fabric is changing, and marketers are taking note by increasingly portraying diverse families in their ads.
But as a new Old Navy advertisement is demonstrating, such campaigns may not be embraced by everyone, although Americans are increasingly lending their support to brands that embrace inclusivity.
The brouhaha started when the apparel maker on Friday tweeted an image of an interracial family wearing its clothes, unleashing negative comments from some people espousing racist views.
.@OldNavy Stop pushing race mixing, you degenerates. #OldNavy#SoniaSyngal #BoycottOldNavy
— End Cultural Marxism (@genophilia) May 2, 2016
Then Twitter fought back. Supporters of Old Navy's ad campaign, including many interracial families and friends, tweeted messages with the hashtag #LoveWins, a term that went viral last year after the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. Fans of Old Navy's message took the hashtag to heart and tweeted messages of support as well as personal photos showing their own diverse families.
American families are increasingly diverse, with Pew Research Center finding that 12 percent of newlyweds in 2013 married someone of a different race, a record high. 
For the complete article, click here. The times they are a changin'. Too bad some opinions aren't.
Any thoughts? Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


Donna Allen said...

This ad- or should I say the backlash to this ad sent me into Old Navy to shop last week. Old Navy and other Gap brands have been inclusive for quite sometime. As a commercial actor, I've been auditioning for more spots where race has been a non issue. More and more spots and ads featuring families of all kinds are airing. Madison Avenue is moving forward and reflecting the ever changing American population.

William Kendall said...

If there are any degenerates around, it's someone like that racist buffoon. I rather like the ad campaign.

Maria McKenzie said...

@Donna: The majority of the population is changing. Just not sure what's wrong with those who are having a problem:(.

@William: Well said!

Norma said...

Someone is still making an issue of this? I think it's a great ad (Old Navy's had some real stinkers in the past--at least this one is a solid, family-oriented campaign.)

shelly said...

People are off their rockers regarding certain things. There's nothing wrong with interacial marriages. One of King Solomons wives had dark skin.

Maria McKenzie said...

@Norma: It's a nice ad. Some people are just stuck in a different century:(.

@Shelly: Some folks are off their rockers regarding this. Sad...

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