Monday, April 24, 2017

Escape Now on Audio

Instead of a regular blog post today, I'm doing a little shameless self-promotion! My novel Escape: Book One of the Unchained Trilogy is now available as an audio book, produced by Tantor Media, a division of Recorded Books, and narrated by the velvety-voiced Madison Vaughn.

The Kindle version of Escape is .99 for the next week, and the audio version can be purchased for 2.99.

If you like historical fiction, please consider giving it a try! The synopsis is below:

Daniel and Lori love each other, yet to live as one in 1856, they must escape from the unyielding society that imprisons them. Lori was born a slave in North Carolina, yet by chance was raised alongside Daniel in a wealthy abolitionist household. 

The sudden death of Daniel's mother catapults Lori back into bondage. Relegated to chattel on a rice plantation, Lori lives in constant fear under the tormenting scrutiny of Daniel's wretched aunt.

After Daniel fails to convince his relatives to free Lori, he is compelled to devise a daring escape. Although a life threatening endeavor for both of them, Lori's freedom is priceless to Daniel, and he's willing to pay such a price for her love.

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Maria McKenzie said...

Thank you, William!

Adrian said...

Hello Ms McKenzie!
Fan girl moment..."The Governor's Son" is one of my favs.
I read the 'Escape'series. It was so well written, thank you. I loved it but kept hoping for a HEA.