Monday, December 18, 2017

Deseré Now Available!

My new novel, Deseré: A Love Story of the American South, is now available at Amazon right in time for Christmas!

Deseré, a skilled seamstress and slave, lives on a South Carolina cotton plantation. Fair-skinned and astonishingly beautiful, she is owned by a kindly master and given his permission to marry the man she loves, a carpenter enslaved on a neighboring plantation. Yet when her master dies before her wedding and his nephew inherits the plantation and its slaves, Deseré's marriage is indefinitely postponed, pending consent from her new owner.

Lawyer Anthony Sinclair arrives from Ohio on the mend from a broken heart, leaving behind a career derailed by scandal. Owning a plantation presents a vibrant opportunity. Yet torn by inklings of abolitionist beliefs, Anthony struggles with the damning prospect of owning human beings.

Upon first seeing the alluring Deseré, Anthony is immediately dazzled by her golden skin, shimmering blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Yet Deseré perceives the tall, dark-haired and handsome “Masta” Anthony as rather stupid. He knows nothing about running a plantation, nor being a planter. But as long as he allows Deseré to marry the man she loves, she will be happy.

Anthony, however, desires Deseré for himself. To what lengths will he go to win the forbidden love of a slave? Will owning Deseré be the only way Anthony can ever possess her while her heart belongs to another man?

Read a sample here, and if you'd like to buy a copy, click here. Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion!

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William Kendall said...

I like the cover!

Maria McKenzie said...

Thanks, William! Artist Terry Tolentino provided that beautiful portrait:).

Norma said...

I like the cover, too, and I will definitely buy a copy!

Maria McKenzie said...

Thanks, Norma!