Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Most Innovative Trailer I've Ever Seen

"A book trailer is an ingenious way to promote and increase your book sales."  Two Rock Media, Inc.

Trailers are entertaining and fun to watch, but just thinking about the cost can be prohibitive!  Although professional trailers look like mini  movie productions (what we all dream of), there are lots of high quality do-it-yourself ones out there, as well.

Unfortunately, there are some homemade trailers that look, well, homemade--with cheesy special effects or what looks like family members frolicking in the backyard wearing rented costumes.  But if you're skilled with the Windows Movie Maker Program, and maybe know an amateur actor or two, you can create something just as good as any professional media company.

The most innovative trailer I've ever seen (pro or do-it-yourself) is at  Ms. Dare promotes her Stud Club Trilogy quite creatively.  You'll have to see it for yourself!  But I'll just say this, she utilizes ordinary items already in her home, with humor and innovation, to create an unforgettable trailer.  I wish I'd thought of her idea first!

Have you seen any unforgettable trailers lately?

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