Friday, March 18, 2011

Cassandra Marshall's Spring Free Edit Contest

Want a chance to win a free edit of your manuscript up to 100,000 words? Then you'll want to enter Freelance Editor Cassandra Marshall's Spring Free Edit Contest!

This is a FREE substantial edit that covers plot, pacing, character development, etc., so don't miss out!

It's really easy to enter, just click the link and fill out the form on Cassandra's site.  Paste in a query or a short summary (about 250 words) so she'll know what you're writing about.
Cassandra Marshall

You're allowed to ENTER ONCE PER DAY!

Fill out the form again every time you link or tweet. Include direct links, and if you post somewhere, the post must be about this contest only. One entry per type of post (one twitter status, one blog post, etc) per day. To fill out the form again, refresh the page.

For 10 bonus entries, post her button anywhere on your blog! If you include the button in your blog post, that post is worth 11 entries! If you use the button, make sure you note that the button is included when you fill out the form.

Contest is open worldwide, but has to be in English, since everything is done by email. Contest ends midnight, Monday March 21st!

I'm ready to enter, are you?


Old Kitty said...

Oh thanks for this link - will have a look - sounds like a really great competition!! Take care

Jemi Fraser said...

Cassandra is amazing to do this! Thanks for the reminder :)

SunTiger said...

Awesome offer. May the most needy writer win. Whoo hoo.

Maria McKenzie said...

@Old Kitty: You're welcome! It does sound great:).

@Jemi: You're welcome! It's really generous of Cassandra:).

@Vamchoir: I agree:)!

Cat Lavoie said...

What a great contest! Thanks for the link! :)
Have a great weekend!

Myne said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Maria McKenzie said...

@Catherine: You're welcome! I'm glad I discovered it yesterday; I would've hated to miss out:).

@Myne: You're welcome!

Nas said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the link..will check it out!

Maria McKenzie said...

Hey, Nas! You're welcome:).