Monday, January 2, 2017

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year! Have you decided on a New Year's Resolution? My son says that you shouldn't use the New Year as a way to motivate yourself, you should use YOU to motivate yourself! If you haven't guessed, he's a self-starter, but the rest of us need to start somewhere, so why not with the New Year?

If you're trying to determine a good resolution, there are some great ones listed at in Alyssa Sparacino's article Top Ten Healthiest New Year's Resolutions. I need to work on staying in touch. Here's what Ms.Sparacino says regarding that: 

Feel like old friends (or family) have fallen by the wayside? It’s good for your health to reconnect with them. Research suggests people with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t.

In fact, a lack of social bonds can damage your health as much as alcohol abuse and smoking, and even more than obesity and lack of exercise, a 2010 study in the journal PLoS Medicine suggests.

In a technology-fixated era, it’s never been easier to stay in touch—or rejuvenate your relationship—with friends and family, so fire up Facebook and follow up with in-person visits.

Sounds like great advice! Have you decided on a New Year's Resolution yet?

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Norma said...

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. Like rules, I only know how to break them!

William Kendall said...

Admittedly, I don't make them.

Maria McKenzie said...

@Norma: I haven't made one in years, but I really will try to do a better job of keeping in touch this year;).

@William: I completely understand:).